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Rene Magritte - The Vengeance
Anonymous asked: "which was sweet :), check her blog its dope" AW hihi!!! the VIP qties are back <3

Told you all the VIP club would be back for summer hahah


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Sheila Marquez at Phi, Spring/Summer 2008


Ami Spring 2015

Anonymous asked: They sound really nice!! You should definitely post a selfie with them on, hehe. I've also been looking at sunglasses in that color, but I never buy them because oh well idk, hahaha! Where do you work? If you don't mind me asking

yeah i’ve had that same problem before, I could never bring myself to spend money on them because I guess i’m kinda cheap in that part of accessories but it finally happened hahah,

and no I don’t mind at all, i work at a grocery store right now, doing your regular grocery store shit, and i’ve been doing it for almost 2 years not and i’m getting more done with it day by day and i’ve been applying at a variety of stores over the months now, and i’d really like to work in a clothing store or something, or just do something fashion related but I haven’t really found the right place yet unfortunately, or they just won’t hire me due to my lack of experience in retail.. 

Anonymous asked: No really, what kind of girls? Like looks, personality etc etc

girls who I could just have a great time with, she gotta have at least some of the same interests as me so I could go shopping with her but at the same time be able to just talk about shit we both like all the way thru the city. I find girls with ‘natural beauty’ to look cuter and prefer it too girls with ounces of make-up on her face, i mean it can still look good but it shouldn’t look like I can scrape it off with something and have a spoonful of w/e you put on. I guess it just depends on how she looks. also straight long hair is a big plus too me, preferably brunette or darker as i’m not into blondes as much. also i have this thing for mixed girls like if she’s part Indonesian or asians are cute af, but real pale girls with dark hair are very cool as well. hope this is enough of an awnser for u